Steps on to make a spreedsheet on your favorite Authors.

1. First pick your Author such as Dr. Seus, Harper Lee, Roald Dahl,or Stephen King.
2. Then go to Excel and and then make the table four rows and five columns.
3. Then click in the cell you want to type in the columns named Books they wrote, If they won any prizes and what are they, when they were born if they have past away and where are they living.
4. After you type you columns then do the same with your authors you choose, On the four rows type the name of your favorite authors.
5. After thats all done then you need to research the areas you would like to know such as books,prizes,born,dead, and where are they living in the present day. For an easier and faster way go to the Resoucre page and click on the author you want to find more information.
6. Once your reserach is all done then insert the information in the correct cell.
7. When all these steps are completed you will have a table of your favorite authors and some intreseting facts about them!