Introduction | Resource 2 | Worksheet

How do I convert back into U.S. Dollars?


    Converting into U.S. money is just doing the opposite of what you did to convert into other currencies.

        You multiply the U.S. exchange rate by the ammount of that currency from the other country.
        Visit the website and view the table shown on that page to find the exchange rates.

        EXAMPLE:  1 Euros = 1.18671
                                If soap costs 2.50 euros how many dollars would it cost?
                                1.18671 x 2.5 = 2.96663
                                Answer = $2.97

           NOTE: Label your exchange rates at the beginning of your work so we can check your work to make sure you did it right.
            *The Exchange rate changes each day so make sure you check the website each day.