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How do you convert into foreign money?

                                              5 Euros

To Convert:

        - Go to
        - There is an Quick Cross Rates Table.  This shows the exchange rates of several diffent countries.
         - To find the amount of a currency in one country compared to another you need to multiply the exchange rate by how many dollars it costed in the U.S.
                            1 U.S. dollar = .846605 euro
                            If soap in the U.S. costs 2.25 dollars how much would it cost in Europe?
                           .846605 x 2.25 = 1.90486 euro
                            Answer: 1.90 euro

        NOTE: Lable your exchange rates at the beginning of your work so we can check you work to make                     sure you did it right.
        * The exchange rate changes everyday so make sure you check the website each day.