Becoming An Author
BY: Sam, Abby, Claire, & Alex

Introduction  |  The Task  |  The Process  |  References
Introduction: Have you ever wondered how authors write books? Well now is your chance to not only learn about authors but how to write your OWN books too!!!

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The Task:
Learning about authors who write childern's books.
     2. See examples of childerns books.

Learn how to write your own childern's book.


The Process                                         www.googleimages.com
     How to Write a Childern's Book!
    Step 1- Brainstorm some fun ideas that you would like to put in you

    Step 2- Then choose your favorite ideas and write them down on a                              piece of paper.    

      Step 3-  Make an outline of your ide
          ( see references to learn how to write your own outline.)
    Step 4-  Put your outline in sentence form.

      Step 5-  Next format your sentences into paragraphs.
    Step 6- Then create your illustrations.

      Step 7-  Now place your pages and illustrations on pages together.
    Step 8- Finally bind your pages together.
          ( see references to learn how to bind your book.)


 Click for outline website: http://oswego.org/staff/tcaswell/wg/outline.htm

 Click for binding website: http://papa.essortment.com/howtobindabo_rjox.htm            

  Click for a biography of your favorite authors: http://www.bethanyroberts.com/childrensbookauthors.htm