To understand why it is our nation has a constitution.

You will be learning about the constitution. There are prepated steps in order for you to do this. You will leave with some sort of knowledge about different aspects of our constitution.

Use these steps to helo you through the process:

1.    You will need to click the link to our Tasks section. Here you will find these individual guides (steps).

2.    Go through each one thoroughly, in order. Or you may choose to only leann aboutone specific area.

3.    Feel free to take notes on the highlights of each web page, things you find are important to know.

4.    Each task step will contain some sort of review, from multiple choice quizzes to crosswords. You            will need to complete these in order to test yourself. To see if you've pulled in any                                   knowledge that would answer questions like:

            Why it is the United States pushed for a constitution?
            What was the process, how did we create the constitution?
            Who were the people behind the constitution, who helped motivate and ratify it?
            How much do I know about the actual constitution?

Once you have finished our procedure, come back here. Read over these questions once more, as a conclusion. Ask yourself if you know the answers after visiting our web quest. Or even write down thoughts, like a short essay about information you picked up regarding these questions.