Relocate to Our State
Computer Class Webquest
Webquest Presented
by: Mrs. Marlin
Are you looking for that perfect city to setup house? We have what you are looking for!

Are you ready to sell your city to families searching for a place to relocate their family to?

You will be working in pairs to complete this webquest. Mrs. Marlin will give you your partner information. The work should be distributed evenly among both partners. I would encourage you to assign tasks to each partner before you begin working. Delegating tasks may help the progress of this project.

You are in charge of marketing your city to all families across the country. Please read through the entire webquest before you begin working. Begin with the task, move to the activity, then materials, followed by links, and finally finish reading with the conclusion. Please read everything carefully!

Enjoy this activity and BE CREATIVE!!! Those groups that allow themselves to be creative and have fun will be the most successful and produce a quality brochure.