Relocate to Our State
Computer Class Webquest
Webquest Presented
by: Mrs. Marlin
Are you looking for that perfect city to setup house? We have what you are looking for!


You and your partner will use Microsoft Word to complete this brochure as we do not have publisher loaded in the computer labs. When you set up your document use Landscape Page Orientation - 1/2" margins - 3 Columns. (Make these changes before doing any typing - the listed settings should be the first thing you do.)

As you work through the document pay close attention to the columns and where they will actually appear on the brocure. Your document should actually be two pages (each with three columns).

You will have less difficulty if you use a rough draft. First create a paper pencil copy of your brochure. You do not need to put all of the exact information on this draft. Just make notes as to what images or text will appear in particular places. Then, using your draft you can work right through the word document. If you try to build different parts you may have text and images begin to float on the page. Your rough draft will need to be turned in. Due date will be given at a later date.


You will need to complete a bibliography for this project. It must be typed and formatted correctly. Below you will find examples of possible sources and how to format them using MLA Style.

Spitzer, Robert R. No Need for Hunger. Danville: Interstate, 1981.

Reference Materials:
Sentman, Everett. "Aardvark." New Grolier Multimedia Encycleopedia. CD ROM. 1993

Mathes, Tom. "What Can Be Done?" Newsweek 21 Mar. 1988: 57-58

Strout, Richard L. "Another Bicentennial." Christian Science Monitor 10 Nov. 1978: 27.

Author's Lastname, Author's Firstname. "Title of Document." Title of Complete Work (if applicable).
Document date or date of last revision. Protocol address, access path or directories (date of access)

The Bibliography page should be formatted using a hanging indent. Please see the internet source for an example of a hanging indent.

To set the hanging indent. Move the bottom portion of your left margin stop to 1/2" and the top to zero. Note the picture of the ruler bar below. This is what your ruler bar should look like.

The bibliography will be turned in. The due date to be determined at a later date.