Relocate to Our State
Computer Class Webquest
Webquest Presented
by: Mrs. Marlin
Are you looking for that perfect city to setup house? We have what you are looking for!


You are in charge of attracting families to your city. These families are interested in a place they can relocate to. They are going to be interesed in such things as employment, economy, of course education and entertainment. You are in charge of marketing - - SELL YOUR CITY TO THEM.

You are trying to sell your city based on employment availability - - is there a large scale industry or company in this area that may be attractive to employee canidates? i.e. Cedar Rapids has Rockwell Collins which obtains major contracts with the government and large scale companies around the world. CR also has Quaker Oats and Aegon (again to large scale companies that have connections across the country). The economy will be important. Is the cost of living high or low. i.e. is the price of a house reasonable or extremely high? If it is high, explain why. Is it a city that has major attractions in close proximity? You would be wise to discuss education. Families want to know that their children are going to receive a quality education. Research the educational rankings, the availabilitiy of private schools, size of schools, etc. Finally, you will want to discuss entertainment in the area. This should include a wide range of activities from theme parks to historical sites. The families will want to know that they are goign to have some fun and interesting places to take their family and friends when they visit.