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St. Joseph Board of Education

Board Member
Home #
  Rick McAllister (President)
[email protected]
  Doug Boe (Vice-President)

Sara Sodawasser (Secretary)

Fr. John Gossman (Pastor)

[email protected]
Anthony Voss (Principal, Executive Officer)

[email protected]
Sean Rice (Board Member)

Doug Brock (Board Member)

Ken Bauer (Board Member)

Ruth Ard (DRE)

Margene Cepowski (Teacher Rep.)   

St. Joseph Board of Education
Meeting Schedule for 2008-2009

Meeting Date
August 12
 Business Meeting
September 9
 Business Meeting
October 14
 Business Meeting
October 28
 Work Session
November 11
 Business Meeting
December 11
Work Session (Exempt)
5:00/Principal’s Conference Room
January 13
 Business Meeting
January 29
 Work Session
February 10
 Business Meeting
February 24
Work Session
March 10
 Business Meeting
April 14
 Business Meeting
April 28
 Work Session
May 12
 Business Meeting
June 9
 Business Meeting

St. Joseph Board of Education
Operating Principles

1.  Board meetings afford us the opportunity to perform our duties and convey our intent in the public eye. Our actions should be commensurate with this intent. As such, we will conduct our business and ourselves with professional decorum and adherence to Robert’s Rule of Order.

2.  A clear and concise agenda will be followed.
a.  A consent agenda will be utilized for all financial statements and monthly reports.  Any board member has the right to pull an item from the consent agenda.

3.  Board members will be given the board packet by the Friday prior to the meeting at the very latest.
a.  Board packets will be sent out via email.  Members are expected to make copies and bring them along with them to the meetings.  Extra copies will be provided at the meeting.

4.  Questions or concerns prior to meeting will be directed toward the executive officer for clarification.

5.  Board members will take the time to thoroughly read and review the board packet prior to meeting.

6.  Board members will develop thoughts toward the items on the agenda to share with other members at the meeting.

7.  The board president will facilitate all meetings.  The board president is expected to allow free flowing debate to occur and ensure that all voices are heard prior to moving on in the agenda.

8.  Board members will discuss agenda items prior to a vote.

9.  Each board member will respect the opinions of the other board members and will not interrupt each other during discussion.

10.  Constituents may request to address the board by contacting the board president or executive officer one week prior to the meeting.  Comments must be typewritten and submitted to the executive officer 24 hours prior to the meeting.
a.  The board will not comment or respond to individuals except for questions of clarification.

11.  The board should not engage in conversations outside of organized board meetings to discuss any agenda items.
a.  Any gathering of four or more board members discussing school business is considered to be a meeting.

12.  All board members will receive information on a consistent basis prior to the meetings. Most of this information will come through emails. The board president may receive more information on certain issues due to the role s/he plays.
a.  Any email communication shall not be commented on.  If you use the “reply all” function and respond so all board members may read your post, we are considered to be in a meeting.

13.  The executive officer will do his/her best to offer information when needed and asked.

14.  Board members shall realize that outside of board meetings they are ordinary constituents with no special power or authority and should direct constituent complaints to the lowest level possible in the chain of command.

15.  Unless calling an emergency session, 24 hours notice will be given for any meeting.

16.  Any artifact not submitted by noon on the Thursday prior to the Board meeting will not be included in the packet and will be held until the next meeting.

St. Joseph Board of Education
Communication Plan

1.  The St. Joseph Board of Education will have a dedicated web page hosted on the St. Joseph Catholic School Website: and will include the following information:

a.  Member names, telephone numbers.  It will also include an email address for the Board President.
b.  Operating principles
c.  Procedures for addressing the board and getting on the agenda
d.  Past and current agenda and artifacts (with the exception of financial statements)

i.  The agenda and related artifacts will be posted on the web site the Friday prior to the meeting.

2.  Board members are encouraged to visit with their constituency.  However, it is important to remember that when dealing with the public, you are only a board member when the board is in session.  The only authority you have is when the board is in session and you work collectively in a board/executive officer relationship.  Do not make promises that you can’t keep!

3.  When a constituent contacts you with a problem or issue, it should always be referred back to the lowest order on the chain of command.  If it is a complaint regarding a decision that has been made, it should be referred back to the person who has made the decision. 

a.  You will receive telephone calls, emails, etc., from citizens who have a complaint.  Don’t fall into the trap of trying to “fix” their problem.  You can’t. 

4.  Once the Board has made a decision, all board members are expected to support that decision publicly, whether or not they cast a dissenting vote.

5.  Plans for closed sessions will be indicated on the agenda.

6.  Board of education meetings will be held in the public, but will not be meetings of the public.

7.  The Executive Officer shall print a summary of Board action in the weekly school newsletter following the meeting.