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Last updated 12/12/06
Other Activities - F.S.E.A.
Future Scientists and Engineers of America
  • F.S.E.A. is offered to students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades
  • All grades begin F.S.E.A. in different quarters
  • F.S.E.A. takes place each Monday after school from 3 - 4 PM (unless school is not held that day)
  • Rockwell Collins engineers and other volunteers mentor the students in the various projects
Eighth Grade F.S.E.A.
  • Like last year, FSEA for the eighth grade students started at the beginning of the second quarter. 
  • This year the students voted on doing a project in which they are constructing catapults. 
  • The catapults have multiples variables which may be changed in order to control how far they fire their projectiles: waffle golf balls. 
  • The student pairs will end the quarter with a two-part competition: one testing their accuracy with their catapults and the other testing who can launch their golf ball the farthest.


Mr. Justin Hanna