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Last updated 10/08/07
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6th - 8th Graders

On Saturday, November 3, 2007 the Iowa Bar Association will sponsor a statewide Mock Trial competition in which approximately 100 middle schools will compete. St. Joseph Catholic School will send one team to the regional competition at the Linn County Courthouse in Cedar Rapids.

In mock trial students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses as each team prepares and presents both sides of a hypothetical legal problem. Participants are given a hands-on opportunity to examine the legal process and current legal issues. This year's case was a criminal trial in which the defendant was charged with injury by vehicle of a pedestrian. Points are awarded based on the individual student's preparation, elocution, knowledge of the facts and law, poise, and ability to persuade. The highest individual score is a 10, the lowest a 1.

2007 Mock Trial Team:  Sam George, Claire Boston, Sam Gray, Alex Phillips, Aubree Bowers, Tyler Gunderson, Sean Ickes, Leah Heddinger, Thomas Steinberg

Junior High Mock Trial Regional Competition


Attorney Coach
Ms. Irma Monclova

Teacher Coach

Ms. Sara Shawver