• The 3rd and 4th grade students are completing the final unit, "Celebrating and Serving."
  • The aim is to help the students appreciate how the Church's celebration of Reconciliation and Eucharist fulfills our needs for forgiveness and unity.


  • The third grade students are completing Unit 6 Imagination Kids.
  • Through their reading the students will have opportunities to use their imaginations.
  • The skills covered are steps-in-a-process, setting, visualizing, plot, and realism and fantasy.
  • The fourth grade students are finishing Unit 6 Express Yourself.
  • Visualizing, steps-in-a-process, fact and opinion, main idea, and author's purpose will be studied.
  • Research reports are being finalized for their oral presentations.


  • 3rd and 4th graders are increasing their knowledge of multiplication and division and finishing the year exploring statistics and probability .
  • Reviewing all basic facts at home is very beneficial throughout the entire year.


Each class is doing different hands-on activities using the FOSS kit centered around their particular theme:

  • Earth Materials (Mrs. Heddinger's class)
  • Bones and Muscles of the Human Body (Ms. Wilkins' class)
  • Structures of Life (Mrs. Leland's class)
  • Measurement (Mrs. Dorrance's class)


  • We are continuing our study of the regions of the United States by discussing the 5 themes of geography while looking at the Western states.
  • The students are enjoying the challenge of learning the states and capitals and the placement of each state on a blank map.
  • We finish the year with a big test over everything covered and state reports .


  • Students are learning to accept responsibility for doing their own work in order to learn.
  • Each child sets self improvement goals and develops and follows a plan to accomplish them.


  • We continue investigating the elements of art with perspective and balance.
  • We combine what we have learned already about line, shape, and color to create original art projects.
  • Preparations for the Arts Festival are underway.


  • Wed., May 5th, 8:30 AM: All School Volunteer Appreciation Mass -- planned by Ms. Wilkins' class
  • Thurs., May 13th: Marion Fire Dept. to speak to 3rd graders about summer safety
  • Thurs., May 13th: "Kids on the Block" for 3rd grade
  • Fri., May 14th, 6:00 PM: Arts Festival
  • Wed., May 19th: All day rehearsal for band concert at Coe College
  • Fri., May 21st, 7:00 PM: Charger Bands Spring Concert at Coe College
  • Wed., May 26th, 8:30 AM: Unit B Liturgy planned by Mrs. Leland's class
  • Tues., June 1st, 8:30 AM: All School Mass in honor of the 8th grade -- planned by the 7th grade (Miss Kordick)
  • Thurs., June 3rd, 8:30 AM: All School Mass planned by the kindergarten and Last Day of School



Mrs. Michele Dorrance

Mrs. Laurie Heddinger

Mrs. Abby Leland

Ms. Regina Wilkins


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