The month of May will include:

  • A study of Church history from 1800 A.D. to 2004 A.D.
  • Discussion of current moral topics
  • Continuing service projects throughout the school and parish


  • Students continue to enjoy a variety of literature, while studying the various components of each piece
  • English topics have continued, with emphasis on punctuation, capitalization, and pronouns
  • Creative Writing projects will continue during May.
  • The year-long writing projects will be finished.


  • All math groups will finish the necessary topics of each level by the end of the school year.
  • The Algebra group will be ready for Geometry in the fall
  • The Transition Math group has finished its text book and has started Algebra
  • The two basal math groups will be ready to move on to the next level in the fall


  • March will have Unit D fully involved in Chemistry and States of Matter
  • April will be a unit on Energy and Temperature
  • May will be Our Changing Earth to include erosion and weather


  • March - we are studying westward expansion and the causes of the Civil War in America
  • April - we will study the Civil War and its effects on the development of the United States
  • May - we will study the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War in the United States


  • May will see the students finish a unit of the "Fully Alive" curriculum
  • A short unit with the Marion Police Department on internet safety and drug awareness will finish Guidance classes for the year
  • Eighth grade students will be given an opportunity to use the "Baby Think It Over" simulators during May


  • Spanish students will begin a new unit that will take us through the end of May. In this unit we will visit Texas to explore an important part of our country's long Spanish heritage.
  • We will start by going to a series of family parties and celebrations (Chapter 3), and then we will take a tour of Hispanic homes and Spanish missions (Chapter 4).
  • Getting into Hispanic life in Texas involves listening and dancing to many different kinds of music. We will also explore recent Tex-Mex music and listen to Mariachi bands.
  • The students will also celebrate Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) -- a celebration of Mexico's independence at Puebla.
  • The students will research other Spanish-speaking countries and Mexico's rich history as well.


  • All students in Grades 7 and 8 chose speeches or skits to present at the Metro Catholic Speech Festival in February.
  • This Festival bring together students from all three Catholic middle schools in the Metro area to perform for each other and for a panel of judges.
  • The 2004 Festival was on February 19 at St. Matthew Church in Cedar Rapids. Judges were students from the speech and drama department at Xavier High School.
  • All St. Joseph School students received Superior or Excellent evaluations.


  • Performances for the middle school musical, "Dig It!" were on Thurs., April 15 at 9:30 AM and 7:00 PM and Fri., April 16 at 7:00 PM in the school gym.


  • Wed., May 5th, 8:30 AM: All School Volunteer Appreciation Mass -- planned by Ms. Wilkins' class
  • Wed., May 12th, 8:30 AM: Unit C/D Mass planned by Mrs. Carlin's and Miss Cepowski's classes
  • Fri., May 14th, 6:00 PM: Arts Festival
  • Sat., May 15th, 4-6 PM: Superskate (sponsored by the 8th grade class)
  • Wed., May 19th: All day rehearsal for band concert at Coe College
  • Fri., May 21st, 7:00 PM: Charger Bands Spring Concert at Coe College
  • Mon., May 24th, 7:00 PM: Academic Awards Night in the church hall
  • Tues., June 1st, 8:30 AM: All School Mass in honor of the 8th grade -- planned by the 7th grade (Miss Kordick)
  • Tues., June 1st, 7:00 PM: 8th Grade Celebration Mass planned by the 8th grade
  • Thurs., June 3rd, 8:30 AM: All School Mass planned by the kindergarten and Last Day of School



Mrs. Diane Coffin (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Guidance)

Miss Connie Kordick (Language Arts, Mathematics, Religion, Guidance)

Mrs. Naida Garza (Spanish and Resource)

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