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This year marks the fourth year of the Future Scientists and Engineers of America program at St. Joseph School. Each year we have added more students to the program, and this year's response to an interest survey was overwhelming. We have interest expressed by about 40 5th-6th grade students and 36 7th-8th grade students.

This year the program will be divided into two 7-week sessions. 6th and 8th graders will work on a project during the first session, with 5th and 7th graders following in the second session. This will keep the number of students participating at one time to about 20, which will allow the mentors to give each child more attention.

The first session for 6th and 8th graders began on Sept. 13th. The program will run from 3 - 4 PM on each Monday that there is school. The tentative start date for the second session for 5th and 7th graders is Nov. 15th. Each session will end with a competition to allow the students to demonstrate the scientific principles they learned during the course of the project.

There is no charge for participation in the program. All we ask is that the students bring a desire to learn and that they focus for the hour each week on developing their science and engineering skills.

F.S.E.A. - Grade 6 Activities

The first seven-week session was rocket building and launching involving the 6th graders. The session was concluded with the rocket launching competition.

F.S.E.A. - Grade 5 Activities

Fifth grade FSEA will conclude on Monday, December 6th. Students have been designing containers to protect an uncooked egg when dropped from a given height. The challenge is to see whose egg, when dropped,
does not break. The winner is based on the height of the drop. If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by the weight of the container including the egg. This will be the conclusion of 5th and 6th grade FSEA for this school year.


Faculty Advisor: Ms. Rosanne Brokaw


F.S.E.A. - Grade 8 Activities

The first seven-week session entailed the building and operation of windmills by the 8th graders. The session was concluded with a competition.

F.S.E.A. - Grade 7 Activities

The second seven-week session entails the 7th graders building and modifying catapults. They began on November 29th. The competition will be in mid-January. There are 17 seventh graders in FSEA this year.


Faculty Advisor: Miss Amy Leibfried


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