The month of November will continue:

  • A study of Jesus's early life and the four Gospel writers
  • Discussion of current moral topics
  • Continuing service projects throughout the school and parish


  • Students continue to enjoy a variety of literature, while studying the various components of each piece
  • English topics have included sentence structure and the parts of speech
  • Creative writing projects will continue during November


  • All math groups have started the necessary topics of each level
  • There are four math groups in Grades 7/8: Algebra, Transition Math, 7th Math, and 8th Math


  • The month of November will have the students finishing up the unit on diversity and beginning to explore the wonderful world of solutions
  • We will be doing more labwork this unit


  • Our next stop on our tour will be Ancient Europe
  • Students will be giving presentations and doing projects to show what they learned about Ancient Greece & Rome


Topics for November will include:

  • Building Quality Relationships
  • Meeting Individual Goals


  • Seventh grade students will continue to build their vocabulary
  • The topics covered are telling time, naming the body, and the classroom
  • 8th grade students will continue to study and master: choosing correct pronouns, possessive adjectives, using the verbs gustar (to like), ser (to be), tener (to have), and the conjugation of verbs
  • They will also review telling time, the classroom, naming the body, and the calendar.


  • Yearbook
  • Wed., Dec. 8th, 8:30 AM: All School Mass - Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • Dec. 11 - 12th: 8th Grade Bake Sale after all masses
  • Mon., Dec. 13th, 7:00 PM: All School Christmas Music Program in the church
  • Wed., Dec. 15th, 9:00 AM: Winter Band Concert Rehearsal at Xavier High School
  • Fri., Dec. 17th, 7:00 PM: Winter Band Concert at Xavier High School
  • Wed., Dec. 22nd: Christmas Class Party



Miss Connie Kordick (Language Arts, Mathematics, Religion, Guidance)

Miss Amy Leibfried (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Guidance)

Mrs. Naida Garza (Spanish and Resource)

Mrs. Rosemary Younce (8th Grade Language Arts)


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Faith Filled Future


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