The Chargers

St. Joseph School Parent Organization


  • Do you want to be involved in your child's school?
  • Do you want to help make decisions on activities important to the school and to your children?
  • Do you want to volunteer at some of the many fun activities the Chargers sponsor throughout the year?

This is your chance to have an active voice in your child's school.

The Chargers is an organization that invites ALL parents who have children at Saint Joseph School to become involved.

Some of the activities the Chargers sponsor are:

Fund Raising: We have two major fund raisers during the year.

  • The fall fund raiser was a great success and raised over 8,000 dollars for the school! It was called the "Charger Challenge". The students got pledges from friends and family members, then walked or ran laps around a track. The goal was not only to raise money, but promote fitness and fun for our students.
  • The spring fund raiser is the 4th annual Shamrock Dinner/Auction/Dance. This is a lot of fun for the parents and for the entire parish and is very successful in raising money for the school.

Purchases for the school:

Some of the things the Chargers have recently done for St. Joseph School:

  • Purchase of desks and chairs for the classrooms.
  • Purchase of many new library books.
  • Purchase of reading/writing center for preschool plus several miscellaneous items.
  • Purchase of art supplies and EMac computers for classroom use.
  • Purchase of items for the music programs, including timpani for band and several items for vocal music.
  • Purchase of educational materials for the classrooms.
  • Purchase of science materials for all grade levels and tables for the science lab.
  • Purchase of items for the sports program to upgrade equipment and facilities, as well as for Physical Education classes.

Please get involved in the education of your child and join the Chargers organization. Meeting dates are the first Thursday of the month in the Faculty Lounge in the school. The date and time are posted in the weekly bulletin before the meeting. This is not just for parents with children in the upper grades, but for everyone. It is important to have parents with Preschool and Kindergarten children as well as 7th and 8th graders. Contact the school office with questions, and they can direct you to who you need to talk to. Please consider joining this very important organization!

Big Enough to Learn, Small Enough to Care,
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Last updated November 19, 2003