Mr. David Bertling Memorial Dedicated and Blessed.

On Thursday, November 20 the student body of the Holy Family system gathered at St. Jude church to celebrate mass and remember all that we are thankful for. After mass Fr. Ament blessed and dedicated Mr. Bertling's memorial piece. Cindy Koczo, former secretary of our school system, who worked closely with Mr. Bertling, then shared some memories of him|

I would like to thank all of you who responded to the call to raise money for the memorial for Mr. Bertling. I prayed over each donation as I received it, thanking the Lord for the gift and asking a blessing upon the person or family who donated the money. This project is a great example of many people in our Holy Family school system working together toward a common goal. Additional money received for the memorial will be used for chapel enhancement.

Thank you to the Executive Board of the Holy Family School Parent Association for their support of this project. I would also like to thank Mark Andries, Bill Nolte, Debbie Miller and Donna Lynch for their help in making this memorial a reality.

Mr. Bertling was very proud of the LaSalle chapel and encouraged regular use of it. We thought it was only fitting to create a memorial to him that emphasized the importance of our Catholic faith, of family and of the Holy Family school system working together.

This memorial is from an original logo for the Holy Family Parent Association. The logo was designed by Molly Evans, a former member of St. Ludmila's, who now lives in Indiana. The memorial was created by Dale Merrill, an artist from Mt. Vernon.

I challenge and invite each of you to make regular use of the chapel. Students, while waiting to be picked up, and parents, while you are waiting to pick your child up can just stop in and offer a prayer of thanksgiving or praise or just pause for a moment of silence and peace.
By using the chapel, we are carrying on Mr. Bertling's memory and the things that were important to him. But most of all we are taking the time to pray for our school system, teachers, students and administrators.
Thank you so much for your support of this project, may the Lord continue to richly bless each of you.


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