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 Lunch Menu

Student Price
K-4th - $2.70
Middle School - $3.00

Guest Price
Guest Child or Adult - $3.75
Holy Family Staff - $3.10

Student - $1.75
Holy Family Staff - $2.05
Guest Child or Adult - $2.05

*Lunch includes one milk
*Breakfast includes on juice and one milk

Extra milk - $0.60
Orange juice - $0.45
Extra main dish - $1.50
Extra side dish - $0.60
A la carte prices as posted @ LaSalle

Guests are always welcome to join us. Please call the school where you will be dining to be included in the lunch or breakfast count.

Guests please bring exact change to pay for your meal.
Thank you!

Breakfast served at St. Jude & St. Ludmila @ 8:00 a.m.

No Alternatives on early dismissal days

August Lunch Menu

September Lunch Menu

Check your Lunch Account

Free and Reduced Lunch
16-17 Application
16-17 Guidelines

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer

New Lunch Account policy

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Effective January 3, 2011 any lunch account that is more than a negative $10.00 will be limited to the purchase of main meal only. The purchase of extra sides, juice, 2nd milk, extra main and ala carte will not be allowed.

Parents can view their student's lunch account balance and purchases at: crareacatholic.com. Enter your family ID number and password to view account. Reminders are sent automatically if I have an email address. Printed reminders will also be sent home with your child(ren).

If you need any assistance getting on-line info please call or e-mail Sally Schaab.

Thank you,

Sally L. Schaab
Food Service Manager
Holy Family School System
[email protected]


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