School Emergency Plan
St. Ludmila Elementary Center


General: This plan is to be followed when it is necessary to evacuate the students and staff from the school grounds for safety reasons. This plan would be put into effect once the appropriate authorities are notified. The actions that would be implemented are to be put into action immediately. Students and staff will be evacuated to Grant School when this plan is put into action.

Strategic Locations:

Student Evacuation Location: Grant Elementary School Gymnasium
254 Outlook Dr. SW Phone: 398-2020

Parent Reunification Location: Grant Elementary School - Cafeteria

Procedure at Grant:

"No student is to be released until police have given the ok and St. Ludmila staff has been given verification of students presence. Verification of the student being released to a parent/guardian must be directly given to St. Ludmila staff before a student can leave.

"No student/staff is to talk to/or release information except to the police while at Grant School.

"No student/staff is to be interviewed by media while at Grant School.

"Staff will take the attendance chart from the office at school for that day if possible. This will help verify who was absent from school.

"Once cleared to be released, students will be noted by the staff as having left the building with permission. Parents/Guardians are to leave the reunification location,which will be in the Grant School Cafeteria, as soon as possible. Do not go/return to the St. Ludmila Center area for any reason.


"Avoid the St. Ludmila Center area when the school emergency plan is implemented. Cedar Rapids Fire Department, area ambulance and Cedar Rapids Police will be in the area surrounding St. Ludmila area.

"No one will be allowed into this area or the building once this plan goes into action, so please avoid calling St. Ludmila Center at this time.

"Remember that Grant School is where we will be taking all students and staff for their safety.


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