Catholic Dimension Improvement Plan

Catholic Dimension Improvement Plan
Areas of Improvement

Content 2. Gospel values are integrated in all subject areas.
K Whenever possible to bring what we are teaching in Religion class. Setting good examples.

1 Earth unit, science body unit, oral language, intercom prayer
2 God is always with us. plants in science
3 Leading prayers
4 Daily discussion incorporating values, faith, God, we talk about making good choices
5 Social Studies issues and Language Arts
6 By example in the way I interact with students
7 Current events
8 How faith and biblical truth relate to scientific theories work on 2 values per trimester

Strategies to be utilized:
Goals placed in student planners
List of Values
Choose a value to work on
Student self evaluation

Method 3. Curriculum guidelines are followed, and instruction is evaluated to insure basic Catholic teachings.
K Observation of children - checklist of prayers
1 Follow text, prayers taught
2 practicing/mastering prayers,textbook
3 Unit tests
4 Use textbook, memorize prayers, observation of students in mass and at prayer times
5 Use textbook, talked with Msgr. Hogan, practicing prayers
6 Tests at end of chapter (ocassionally) - listen to students participation
7 Religion book - includes test/worksheets as assessment
8 Religion class - Catholicity Improvement Plan and write themes in planner
Strategies to be utilized:
Make parent aware of the themes being taught in religion.
Review prayers - use exact same words
More visibility of priest and sisters. Adopt a retired priest/sister per student/class etc
6. Meetings and school activities include prayer.
K Yes, Rainbow Day prayer service, Butterfly prayer release, service projects
1 Yes, start meetings with a prayer
2 Always, unit meetings
3 Prayer services, all school masses
4 Always begin and end with prayers
5 Special intentions daily
6 Rainbow day, start of Lent, SMOR service projects
7 Morning/noon/afternoon/spontaneous/prayer services/mass
8 Beginning/lunch and end of day
Strategies to be utilized:
Opening team meetings,unit meetings,parent meetings with child and child study meeting with a prayer.
Conclusion of school day with an all school prayer

7. The school provides opportunities for the students to participate in Mass and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
K Yes, participate in mass.
1 2 per year, weekly mass, class plans mass
2 Weekly masses, class m asses, sacraments, reconciliation 2x a year
3 2nd grade - 3 masses a year
4 Students and teacher prepare 3 masses a year. Reconciliation during lent.
5 Altar servers, every Wednesday
6 Plan mass 3 times a year and reconciliation
7 plan mass/mass on Wednesdays - reconciliation
8 Science Fair. All assemblies
Strategies to be utilized:
Non Catholics receiving a blessing during Eucharist.
Reconciliation 2x a year

4. In service opportunities are provided to update faculty regarding Church teachings.
Yes - Fall - Sister Liana
Strategies to be utilized:
Catholic facts incorporated during Reflection time
More adult training
Guest speakers during in service time and class time.
Foster more understanding of the Catholic Faith,traditions and beliefs
Purchase "Catechism of the Catholic Church " for all teachers.
Foster discussion from the Catechism book.
Purchase "Religious Dimension of the Catholic School"
Foster discusion throught the year with the Religious Dimension book

Parental Involvement
2. The school community has a good working relationship with the rest of the parish.
Religious Ed, Adopt a parishioner, Prayer intentions for the sick/needy
Strategies to be utilized:
Faculty would like to work closer to the parish - season themes,music,speakers,group study
Encourage more involvement to include youth minister and the pastor


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