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St. Matthew's



For Three and Four-Year Olds

The childs growth is enhanced with the support of parents and teachers. Communication is maintained through weekly parent letters, parent-teacher conferences,progress reports, open houses and an active Parent Associalion


Kindergarten - Second Grade Overview

Scott Foresman Reading 2000 helps students develop independent, lifelong readers by providing a strong foundation for early reading success. Beginning in kindergarten, daily instruction builds phonemic awareness and phonics skills as well as vocabulary, comprehension, oral language, and written skills. the Teachers Editions and Student Editions are integral components of the systematic instructional plan.

Third through Fifth Overview

As students become more skillful readers, the instructional focus shifts to reading for fluency and understanding. The Student Editions contain built-in Comprehension and Vocabulary Lessons before each main literature selection to ensure success. Paired selections allow students to read across texts and compare and contrast ideas. The Teachers Editions continue the systematic Scott Foresman instructional plan with daily activites for reading, word study/phonics, oral language, and writing.


Mathematics The Everyday Mathematics program was implemented in the Fall of 1997.This enriched curriculum incorporates the concepts of data gathering and analysis, probability, geometry, patterns and algebra. It integrates mathematics into other subject areas and becomes part of the ongoing classroom routines, outdoor play and the spare transitional moments that occur every day. This program encourages parental involvement with learning through providing continual ideas for application of mathematical principles in the home.

School Improvement Plan

Catholic Improvement Plan