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St. Matthew (Project Coordination Committee) PCC

Sep /05 - Parish Information Session

The Project Coordinating Committee (PCC) would like to thank everyone who participated in the Parish Information Sessions in September. We were delighted with the number of people who joined us at both sessions and the overall enthusiasm for the future of our parish.

As promised, we would like to share the results from the evenings. The information sessions began with members of the PCC providing a detailed history of St. Matthew’s Church, Rectory, School and CARE program, complete with photographs. We also reviewed the Parish finances and summarized the work completed by the PCC. Then, Parishioners worked in small groups to brainstorm responses to a series of three questions. Those questions were as follows:

1. What are your hopes and dreams for St. Matthew’s in the next five to 10 years?
2. What needs to be done to the facilities to maintain and improve the positive aspects of St. Matthew’s?
3. What change would enable you to participate more fully in the life of the parish?

Each Parishioner was instructed to select what he or she believed to be the most important three responses to each question. Using stickers, those responses were marked. When all the worksheets were collected and tabulated, the following priorities came to light:

  • Renovate the worship space.
  • Improve the school facility.
  • Create separate space for preschool and CARE program.
  • Improve or build a new rectory.
  • Create Parish Office space/Parish Center separate from Rectory.
  • Explore purchasing land on A Avenue and moving the two parish houses.
  • Expand and improve the Gathering Space.
  • Renovate or build a new Parish Hall.
  • Add more meeting rooms.
  • Add more restrooms and renovate existing restrooms.
  • Add more parking.
  • Add more storage in all buildings.
  • Improve technology in all buildings.

At the end of the information session, we invited Parishioners to complete a written survey. The survey gathered demographic information on the individuals who attended the sessions. Nearly 60 percent of those who attended were female; 70 percent have been a member of St. Matthew’s for more than 10 years; 63 percent have, had or will have children in Catholic school; 20 percent have, had or will have children attend Religious Education Classes; 22 percent were between the ages of 31-45, 34 percent between the ages of 46-65 and 40 percent were more than 65 years old.

On the survey, Parishioners were asked to rate their level of agreement with each of the following statements using a scale of 1-10, where “1” means not likely and “10” means very likely:

I believe there is a need to refurbish the parish church (worship space).
Score: 8

There is a need for St. Matthew’s to add a community gathering space to the
church worship space.
Score: 8

There is a need for St. Matthew’s parish to add additional space for meetings and events (in addition to refurbishing Kearn Hall.)
Score: 9

St. Matthew’s elementary school should be remodeled as needed for educational purposes.
Score: 9

St. Matthew’s parish should expand its daycare/preschool program to include
infants through age twelve.
Score: 8

I am willing to increase my personal stewardship to the parish to keep its budget.
Score: 8

I am willing to contribute to a capital campaign to be used to pay for physical
plant improvements.
Score: 8

Responses to a series of open-ended questions also provided the PCC with valuable information. This information, which summarized, mirrors the priorities listed on the first page of this report.

If you have any questions about the information sessions or would like to contribute input or ideas, please feel free to contact any of the members of the PCC. Those individuals are as follows:

Maggie Jackson, Chair 369.0852 [email protected]
Ann Dorr 365.6867 [email protected]
Mike Drahozal 363.8269 [email protected]
Helen Flynn 363.0538 [email protected]
Loras Huilman 365.6051 [email protected]
Joe Wolf 362.3021 [email protected]
Miranda Niemi 363.9309 [email protected]
Sr. Catherine Stewart, Secretary 363.8213 x 1282 [email protected]
Fr. Mark Osterhaus 363.8269 [email protected]

Thank you, again, to all that participated in this process. We look forward to a very exciting journey to achieve the goals of our Parish Community!