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Mission Statement

The mission of the Holy Family Catholic School System is to provide all students with a Christ-centered education that is: future oriented, grounded in educational excellence and fosters a sense of community true to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

Based on the four components of Catholic school identity; Message, Worship, Community and Service, we believe that:

  • our Catholic school is an integral part of the church's mission to proclaim the Gospel, build faith communities and celebrate through worship;
  • our commitment to academic excellence, which fosters the intellectual development of faculty and students, is an integral part of the mission of the Catholic school;
  • the spiritual formation of the entire school community is an essential part of the mission of the Catholic school;
  • our Catholic school is a unique faith-centered community which integrates thinking and believing in ways that encourages intellectual growth, nurtures faith and inspires action;
  • our Catholic school is an experience of the church's faith and inspires action;
  • our Catholic school is and experience of the church's belief, tradition, and sacramental life;
  • our Catholic school creates a supportive and challenging climate which affirms the dignity of all persons within the school community.

Philosophy and Goals

We believe that parents have the first right and responsibility for the education of their children. It is essential that home and school be cooperatively involved in the educational process of each child. Also, it is our firm belief that the school assists the parents in the development of their children as religious, intelligent, moral and just human beings.

We believe that the school exists for the child. We believe that each child is unique and gifted and develops at his/her individual pace with individual learning strengths and weaknesses.

We believe that a healthy self concept is the child's most valuable asset which must be fostered at every step of his/her education. We believe that skill in developing positive interpersonal relation is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy self concept and that growth in the child's relationship with God must keep pace with his/her development in other areas.

We believe that the child's growth in this relationship is in direct proportion to the quality of his/her self concept and experience of Christian community in both home and school.

We further believe that the school has the obligation to implement a sound educational program which:

  • fosters a Christian community atmosphere;
  • aids the child in experiencing success and valuing oneself as a worthwhile person;
  • aids the child in developing an ever maturing relationship with God and in practicing Catholic Christianity in service to other people;
  • teaches the child to appreciate the diversity in people and to accept responsibility for others in a spirit of respect and concern;
  • promotes growth in self reliance and self discipline in adapting to an ever-changing world;
  • provides for the development of competence in the use of the basic tools of learning;
  • provides for the development of aesthetic sensitivity through involvement in the arts;
  • helps the child grow in his/her ability to be happy, to relax and to enjoy life to the fullest;
  • includes and on-going process of evaluation and development of the educational program of the school.

The educational goal of the Archdiocese of Dubuque is to guide individuals to respond to God's call through the sharing of knowledge and culture, enlightenment, and enlivened by Faith.

Spiritual Goals:
The faculty and students will give witness to Jesus through Gospel Values in order to grow as persons of faith in the following ways:

  • the school community will provide opportunities to worship together;
  • the Gospel message will be taught;
  • opportunities will be provided for involvement in Christian service.

Instructional Goals:
The school system will provide intellectual instruction and learning experiences to challenge the capabilities of the students and guide them toward independence and self-reliance by:

  • improving learning skills necessary for functional living;
  • providing students with opportunities and guidelines for independent learning activities;
  • helping students become aware of instructional objectives.

Guidance Goals:
The Guidance Program will foster the wholesome development of all students using Gospel Values as a foundation for self-understanding, group interaction and decision making by:

  • planning experiences which lead to respect for self and others;
  • providing information to help students become aware of career opportunities;
  • providing the opportunity for students to study and learn about drug education and family life.


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