There have been many changes and additions to the school system this year. Here are a few of the highlights:
St. Ludmilas lab is now an IBM lab. We have changed over from Mac to Windows. The lab now has internet capability and we have added a laser printer. We now have 4 computers in the library. The 4th machine has the library automation program up and running (yes, we have finally done it!). We have just recently gotten a laser printer installed in the library. All of the Macs from the old lab have been added as 2nd & 3rd computers in the classrooms. We have installed the Accelerated Reader program on the server. Now the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders can take their AR test on any of the library machines or on the machines in their classroom. We have also gotten an anti-virus program called Panda installed on the server. I need to thank 2 groups here - Thank you to the technology committee who have diligently worked to get our servers up and running with the library program and the anti-virus program. My second thank you goes out to the Falcon Club Committee. They have donated their proceeds to pay for the anti-virus program for the system. Thank You, Thank You , Thank You!
St. Judes computer lab has switched over from an IBM lab with Window NT operating system to a lab with all pentium machines. Again we have our wonderful computer committee to thank! We have got a donation of 50 computers from REACT and the technology committee worked hard to get the machines loaded with the appropriate programs and running smoothly. We purchased new software for the lab also. We have also added a laser printer to this lab. On behalf of everyone in the school system we would like to thank all of the volunteers who have lent a helping hand with our technology this year. Setting up the labs is a big project, but it is very gratifying to see the students using and enjoying it. We have installed the library automation system here at Judes. It was quite a project, but the media specialists say that they love it! We have also had Panda, our anti-virus software installed on the server and all of the machines. Thanks to all who helped.
LaSalle We have also added a laser printer to this lab (more lasers are being worked on to put at different buildings in the system - at last count we had 15 installed system wide!). The technology committee has worked hard to get servers set up. We currently have a server up and running and serving all 4 of our buildings. We have installed the library automation program here at LaSalle. It is a great addition to our media centers. We have also installed Panda, our anti-virus software on the server and on all our machines in this building. After such a rocky start with all those viruses, Panda has been quite a welcome addition for the technology staff. We have upgraded our Accelerated Reading software and installed it on the server so that students can now test on any machine that has the program loaded. We have also added AR tests from our Reading Series Books! The LaSalle lab has just been redone also. We used 25 of those donated machines and replaced all of our old and slow 486's with nice quick pentiums! Hooray for speed! Once again thanks to the technology committee for all their time and effort.
St. Patrick is wired to every classroom so that each classroom has internet and e-mail. That awesome technology committee has installed a server here at Pats. Our lab has internet on 24 machines and is used constantly for research and for projects. Our library is really becoming more of a true media center now that it is automated. The students and staff have been trained to use the new program to look for books and check out books. We have also upgraded the Accelerated Reading Program at this school. Students can now take their AR tests on any machine in the building that has the program loaded, instead of being restricted to one machine. We have also installed Panda at this building. I, for one, am breathing so much easier after our virus ridden start of the school year. Thanks to all who made this possible.

System Wide We have received 50 machines that were donated from REACT (a Rockwell affiliate that refurbishes machines from local businesses and donates them to schools). We have loaded operating systems, software, and various hardware items to get the machines deployed into the system. We have just gotten the Judes lab replaced and the LaSalle lab replaced. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep the technology up and running and as current as we can afford to keep it. We would appreciate all the help we can get. The technology committee has been meeting on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm at LaSalle (room 301). From there we work on the lab machines and donated machines to get them ready for use in the classroom. If you are willing and able to help us out - we would love as many helping hands as we can get! Please call Dottie Gierut at 363-1027.

The last bit of news Id like to share is that the Catholic schools in the Metro area have a website! There is a home page for the Cedar Rapids Area Catholic Education System where you can link to each individual school in the Metro Catholic Area. Here is the the website:

We are working hard to put information out on the web. Some of the things you will find on the website are:

    • current newsletter
    • monthly calendar
    • lunch menu
    • sports schedule
    • teacher newsletters
    • tuition
    • special events
    • and many more!!!

Come and visit our site.

Also check out
This is a site where teachers can communicate with parents and students via the internet. Open your internet browser and type in the address
You will then need to type in the schools zip code (52405 for Judes, LaSalle and Patricks) (52404 for Ludmila). Then just click on your teachers name. This is a new and optional program for us (not all teachers are using it yet). It can really help with homework assignments, etc. You can even e-mail your teacher right from the site. Give it a try!

Dottie Gierut

Can You Help!?!

This is a special plea for help with computers. We are looking for anyone with computer knowledge to help with a variety of fix-it problems. We have 4 buildings with computers now, and there is a constant need to find volunteers willing to help with problems.
We have set up a computer work room at LaSalle where we have a variety of problems to work on (hard drives to install, printers to be worked on, network cards to install, donated computers to ready, programs to load, etc.). We would love to have you come and help.
Having lots of hands will really make for quick work. No computer experience necessary, just a willingness to help is needed.
If you can help please call Dottie Gierut
We usually work at night, sometimes on weekends. Please call and let us know when you can help. We appreciate your willingness to volunteer and value your talents.