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We are terribly saddened by the passing of our Chief Administrator, David Bertling on November 2. Mr. Bertling was a great supporter of our athletics programs in the middle school. He was always available to bounce ideas off of and was a valuable asset to our schools. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, wife, Rose-Alice and son, Philip.

Our early winter sports have begun. Girls swimming will start today and boys basketball will start its seasons next week. Dont forget to check out the schedules in your sports handbooks for meets and games.

Girls swimming is a combined 7th and 8th grade sport. Sarah Hensley is head coach, assisted by Kathy Birky-Hensley. Sarah participated in many swimming activities and won many awards. Her mother, Kathy, coached our team last year. We have some talented swimmers back from last year, and some even swim on a club team.

Boys basketball is in full swing. Head coach for the 8th grade team is Al Arp, assisted by Rick Sayre. Al has many years of experience coaching basketball. There are 17 boys playing for the 8th grade team. Head coach for the 7th graders is Pete Fahnle, assisted by Pat Milke. Pete coached our 8th grade last year, and has assisted with club basketball for many years. We have 17 cagers on the 7th grade squad. Sixth-grader Jason Turley has volunteered to be our official scoreboard technician for all our home games. THANKS JASON.... THAT HELPS SO MUCH!!!!

Its not too early to start thinking about our next sports coming up after Christmas. Girls basketball and boys wrestling and swimming are next up. Practices for swimming and basketball will start in early January and wrestling the first part of February. We currently have no boys signed up for swimming so if there is anyone interested, it will be combined with Regis. We are pretty sure we have coaches already lined up for basketball and wrestling. More information will be coming on that!!

The concessions for basketball at LaSalle will be changing this year. Although the original concession stand worked great it was impossible for parents to watch their children playing while working. So... we will be moving the concession stand to a make-shift stand on the balcony at LaSalle. That way we can (hopefully!) get parents to work all of the home games. We made almost $500.00 at the concessions during the football games!!! WOW!!! I will be coordinating the 7th grade games and will be working with Lisa Henderson to staff the 8th grade games. Dont be surprised if we call for your help!!!!

Boys Sports

7th/8th Grade Boys Soccer
(Practice begins August 23)
   Holy Family Regis
Sept. 10 Taft Harding
Sept. 17 @Franklin @Linn-Mar
Sept. 24 @ McKinley Franklin
Oct. 1 @Roosevelt @Taft
Oct. 8 Linn-Mar @Roosevelt
Oct. 15 @Harding McKinley

8th Grade Football
(Practice begins August 23)
Sept. 20 Taft
Sept. 27 @Linn-Mar(black)
Oct. 4 McKinley
Oct. 11 @Harding
Oct. 16 @Linn-Mar(red)

7th Grade Football
(Practice begins August 23)
Sept 11 4pm IC Southeast
@Bates Field
  5:30pm   IC Southeast
@Bates Field
Sept 18 4pm   Linn-Mar Black @LaSalle
  5:30pm Linn-Mar Black @Armstrong Field  
 Sept 25 4pm Northwest Gold @LaSalle  
  5:30pm   Northwest Gold @LaSalle
 Oct 2 4pm Southeast Red @LaSalle  
  5:30pm   Southeast Red @LaSalle
 Oct 11 4pm inn-Mar Red @LaSalle  
  5:30pm   Northwest Green (Coralville)

7th/8th Grade Basketball
(Practice begins October 18)
  8th Grade 7th Grade
Nov 6 Regis @Regis
Nov 13 Taft @Taft
Nov 15 @Roosevelt Roosevelt
Nov 29 @Franklin Franklin
Dec 4 @Wilson Wilson
Dec 6 Harding @Harding
Dec 11 @Linn-Mar Linn-Mar
Dec 13 McKinley @McKinley
Dec 18 @Prairie Prairie

7th/8th Grade Swimming
(Practice begins January 3)
Jan 21 [email protected]
Jan28 [email protected]
Jan31 [email protected]
Feb 4 [email protected]
Feb 11 Frnaklin/[email protected]

7th/8th Grade Wrestling
(Practice begins Feb 7)
 Feb 26 Wilson/Franklin
Mar 5 McKinley
Mar 7 Roosevelt
Mar 11 Harding
Mar 14 Prairie
Mar 19 Taft
Mar 21 Linn-Mar

7th/8th Grade Track
(Practice begins April 2)
 April 16 @Linn-Mar
April 23 Harding/Frnklin
April 25 Linn-Mar/Prairie
April 30 Taft/McKinley
May 7 @Prairie
May 9 @Linn-Mar
May 13 7th Grade City Meet
May 14 8th Grade City Meet

7th/8th Grade Tennis
(Practice begins April 2)
Team 1 Team 2
April 16 Linn-Mar @Linn-Mar
April 19 @Roosevelt Roosevelt
April 23 @Taft Taft
April 26 ??Bye or Maharishi ??Bye or Maharishi
April 30 Harding @Harding
May 3 @Franklin Franklin
May 7 @Wilson Wilson
May 10 Prairie @Prairie
May 16 McKinley @McKinley

Girls Sports

7th/8th Grade Track
(Practice begins August 23)
Sept 6  Cross Country Exhibition
Sept 13 @Linn-Mar
Sept 18 Harding/Franklin
Sept 20 Taft/McKinley
Sept. 25 Roosevelt/[email protected]
Oct 2 @Linn-Mar
Oct 8 7th Grade City Meet
Oct 9 8th Grade City Meet

7th/8th Grade Tennis
(Practice begins August 23)
  Team 1 Team 2
Sept 11 Roosevelt @Roosevelt
Sept 18 Taft @Taft
Sept 20 @ harding Harding
Sept 25 Bye Bye
Sept 28 Franklin Franklin
Oct 2 @ Prairie Prairie
Oct 4 Wilson @Wilson
Oct 9 @McKinley McKinley
Oct 11 @Linn-Mar Linn-Mar

7th/8th Grade Swimming
(Practice begins October 18)
Nov 8 [email protected]
Nov 13 [email protected]
Nov 29 [email protected]
Dec 4 [email protected]
Dec11 [email protected]

7th/8th Grade Basketball
(Practice begins January 3)
7th Grade 8th Grade
Jan 24 @Regis Regis
Jan 29 Wilson @Wilson
Jan 31 Roosevelt @Roosevelt
Feb 5 Franklin @Franklin
Feb 7 @Taft Taft
Feb 12 @Harding Harding
Feb 14 Linn-Mar @Linn-Mar
Feb 18 @McKinley McKinley
Feb21 Prairie @Prairie

7th/8th Grade Soccer
(Practice begins April 2)
April 15 Taft
April 22 @Franklin
April 29 @McKinley
May 6 @Roosevelt
May 13 Linn-Mar
May 20 @Harding

7th/8th Grade Volleyball
(Practice begins April 2)
  7th Grade 8th Grade
April 15 Regis @Regis
April 18 Harding @Harding
April 22 @Roosevet Roosevelt
April 25 @Franklin Franklin
April 29 @Wilson Wilson
May 2 Taft @Taft
May 9 @Linn-Mar Linn-Mar
May 14 McKinley @McKinley
May 16 @Prairie Prairie


Mike Teply
Athletic Director