May/June Lunch Menu


May 3--Sausage pizza, corn, pears, cookie

May 4--Pig in a blanket, calico beans, fruit cocktail, Teddy Grahams

May 5--Lasagna roll-up with meat sauce, lettuce salad, green beans, bread stick

May 6--Hamburger on a bun, pasta salad, tropical fruit, lemon bar

May 7--Assorted cold sandwiches(egg, tuna, cheese), waffle fries, fresh fruit cup


May 10--Smoked sausage, scalloped potatoes, peas, bread and butter

May 11--Chicken strips, buttered noodles, carrots, sliced peaches

May 12--Italian dunkers, cheese bread, Italian blend vegetables, pineapple

May 13--Pork roast with gravy, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, applesauce cake

May 14--Peanut butter sandwich, string cheese, apple carrots, fruit snack


May 17--Mini corn dogs, cottage cheese, mandarin oranges, brownie

May 18--Tenderloin on a bun, hashbrown stars, pickle chips, applesauce

May 19--Cheese quesadillas, Mexican rice, salsa cup, corn, ice cream cup

May 20--Dog gone chicken, fries, fresh fruit cup, pudding poke cake

May 21--Bologna sandwich, relish cup, cheese slices, Jell-o with fruit

May 24--French toast cubes, sausage links, applesauce, yogurt

May 25--Goulash, green beans, fruit cocktail, bread stick

May 26-Fun fish bites, fish and pole mix, ocean blue Jell-o, pears

May 27--Hot dog or brat, chips, watermelon, cookies

May 28--Assorted hot sandwiches, macaroni salad, fruit, frosted grahams

May 31-- NO SCHOOL

June 1--Rainbow chicken, parsley potatoes, pears, sherbet cup

June 2--Deli sandwich, chips, pickle spear, grapes








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